Celebrating Women In Business✨


March is Women’s History Month. While, it’s important to celebrate women’s history every month, March is a time where we remember the sacrifices made by women, for women. This is a time for all to reflect on the courage of women in past generations and to celebrate how their efforts and bravery have allowed the women of today the freedom we have now.

Why is it important to The Bakery to celebrate Women’s History Month?

The Bakery prides ourselves on being a women ran business. We believe in the power of women and are proud of our position in the Cannabis Industry. Our ladies behind the scenes are Raegan Cooper, Director of Marketing; Jessa Zborosky, Director of Operations; and Leane Zborosky, Director of Finance. Our goal is to recognize the accomplishments women have made against adversity and continue to move towards equality.

RaiseHER Community Partnership

In 2022, we spent our time focusing on celebrating other women in business located in Regina. We partnered with RaiseHER Community which is an inclusive, intergenerational movement + community of people that aggressively supports the advancement of women into leadership roles.

“What started as a couple of mother-daughter duos in the pursuit of ensuring all women have leadership opportunities has quickly morphed into a broadened social movement. We launched this vision to build communities rich in female leadership that empower future generations to do the same. But it is impossible to uphold the RaiseHER Community values of support, inclusion, connection, inspiration + community without having + sharing diverse perspectives. We are committed to change + will hold ourselves accountable to consistently + actively supporting others every day.”

We collaborated with RaiseHER Co and put together bundles, which were sold in-store. Five dollars from every bundle is donated back to RaiseHER Co. They reinvest every penny back into leadership programming, events and initiatives for women and girls in the province!

Women In Business Spotlight

Kait Waugh – Fat Plant Farm🪴

Fat Plant Farm is a retail plant shop local to Regina. Expanding from her home based business where she would pop up around Regina at handmade markets and street fairs into a retail shop has allowed Kait to bring in more plants and to provide a more customized and intimate experience for customers.

We asked Kait:

What inspired you to open your businesses?

A time in my life when I was feeling quite dissatisfied with my current career and having found an immense about of joy in nurturing houseplants at home lead to becoming self-employed!

What piece of advice can you give someone who is looking to be in a Leadership Position or wanting to open their own business?

Having a support network around me which included a husband, friends and family was vital to me when launching my business. Self doubt can really creep in and sometimes you need an outside cheerleading squad to let you know you can do it!

Any other comments you would like to add?

Fear has accompanied me every step of the way on this entrepreneurial journey but I’m happy to report that it hasn’t stopped me. I don’t always know what I’m doing or what the result will be but I’m doing my best to enjoy the ride!

Jillian Ripplinger – Honeycomb Hair Lounge✂️

Honeycomb Hair Lounge opened in 2019 and is home to Regina’s most talented modern colourists & hair extensions professionals. They create custom looks for their clients and hold themselves to the industry’s highest standards. More than just a salon, their unique eco chic design is heavily influenced by the beauty of nature and the essential impact bees have on our eco-system. Our planet needs us more than ever and we are doing everything we can to actively lower our carbon footprint. Honeycomb is proudly certified sustainable by our partners at Green Circle Salons. This means that Honeycomb recycles absolutely EVERYTHING… from excess hair colour and hair clippings, to metals and plastics, and everything in between!

We asked Jill:

What inspired you to open your businesses?

I’ve always had a passion for beauty since I was a little girl. I used to give my mom makeovers and wouldn’t let her see until I was done. I loved that feeling, the wow factor of the reveal and the way she felt with her new look. Even though she had blue eyeshadow and a red lip, I thought she looked absolutely beautiful. I knew then that the beauty industry was my calling. Makeup was fun, but It seemed I had a natural talent with hair styling. In 2018, after being a stylist for 10 years I needed some clarity and decided to live in Gold Coast, Australia. During the 8 months I was there, I was swept with inspiration and creativity. I moved home to Regina and was inspired to open a unique salon (very Aussie inspired) with lush greenery and bright atmosphere where guests feel at home, inspired and beautiful. Then a few months later became the opening of the business of my dreams, Honeycomb Hair Lounge!

What piece of advice can you give someone who is looking to be in a Leadership Position or wanting to open their own business?

Invest in your team and lead by example. Always be mindful of the people you surround yourself with. Trust your gut and patience is key.

Carly Patryluk – House of Paws🐾

House of Paws is a “must visit” retail store for canine and feline parents who want better for their pets. The boutique’s wide selection of carefully researched and specifically selected healthy foods and treats as well as a unique selection of pet accessories and pet inspired gift ware makes for a pet lover’s paradise!

We asked Carly:

What inspired you to open your businesses?

Wanting to provide the type of pet store I couldn’t find as a pet parent.

What piece of advice can you give someone who is looking to be in a Leadership Position or wanting to open their own business?

Be prepared to put in the work, be creative, know your purpose and then don’t let your foot off the gas!

We’re so honoured at The Bakery to work alongside these bad ass #BossBabes and so many others in Regina!