Infused Breakfast Sandwich🥯


Picture this: It’s a crisp Saturday morning, coffee ☕️ is piping hot and the sweet smell of Hazelnut is rolling up to through your nostrils. The sun ☀️ is peaking in through the blinds and feels warm on your face. Bring in the sizzling sounds of bacon 🥓 and eggs 🍳..DING goes the oven, out comes the crunch of a fresh croissant that’s begging to be buttered. The clinking of of the fork against the bowl as it mashes the avocado 🥑 to a beloved pale green chunky paste ready to cover your crunchy croissant….THEN BOOM, the garbage man slams your garbage outside of the house and it snaps you back to reality— where you still are indeed making the ultimate wake and bake feast.

That’s right, this wasn’t a joke, we’re sharing with you our inside scoop to how we like to Wake and Bake. It’s crunchy, it’s cheesy🧀, it’s all the things you want it to be and more.

Enough of the word-gasms and onto the actual cooking. Continue below for the best wake and bake sandwich we’ve yet to create…meaning it’s our only one so far..🤤

Here’s What You Need:

  • Croissants (or your fave bread option)
  • 1 pack of bacon (no judging on how many strips you want to use)
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 egg
  • 1 slice of your favourite cheese
  • 1/8tsp Red pepper flakes
  • Dash of garlic powder
  • Redecan Reign Drops (not into starting your day with THC? Try this CBD option: Redecan Reign Drops CBD)
  • Optional: Everything But The Bagel seasoning


  1. Fry up that bacon! Using a frying pan, fry the bacon until your preferred level of crispy-ness
  2. Turn your oven on broil.
  3. Cut your croissant in half and butter. Put in the oven for 5 minutes or until your preferred toasty-ness level.
  4. In a medium mixing bow, smash the avocado. Add your red pepper flakes and garlic powder.
  5. Optional: Before pulling your croissant out of the oven you can melt a piece of cheese.
  6. Layer, layer, layer! Spread the mashed avocado onto the bottom of the croissant. Add your preferred dosage of the Redecan Reign Drops (1 full syringe = 30mg of THC). Optional: sprinkle Everything But The Bagel Seasoning on. Add salt and pepper for taste. Layer your bacon, cheese, top of the croissant)
  7. Bon Appetite!! 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳