Introducing The Bakery Points Rewards Program 🌟

Get Rewarded! 

Want to be rewarded for buying your dope at The Bakery?! We have officially launched the Bakery Points Rewards Program! This is an app-based rewards program that can be downloaded to any Apple or Android device.

It is free to use and lets you earn points every time you visit us or shop online! You can simply scan the QR code here and get started or visit us and we can walk you through it! Once you have added the Bakery Digital Wallet to your home screen, we encourage you to add your interests and birthday for some extra rewards!

If you already have a customer profile, we have a nice surprise for you! You’ve been earning points in the background with every visit, while we finalized the program. So don’t be surprised when you log in and already see points ready for redemption!  Consider it an early Christmas present 🎅🏼

Lets Get Into the Details…

How it Works:

You will earn 10 points each visit and your points can be redeemed in-store or online. The rewards are listed in your Bakery Digital Wallet and will be changed up every once and awhile. When you are redeeming in-store you will see the full list of rewards available. Just so you know, when shopping online, there aren’t as many reward options available.

How to Redeem Points for Rewards – IN STORE:

You can find your points redeemable balance at the top of your rewards page.  If you click on the reward you are interested in and have enough points to use it, the following message will appear.



Once you click “Proceed to Offer”, the 30-minute timer starts counting down so only click it once you are in-store and ready to use it! Your BudTender will discount your purchase accordingly and the points will automatically deduct from your Digital Wallet. It’s that simple!




How to Redeem Points for Rewards – ONLINE:

There are two ways to redeem your rewards on a pick-up or delivery order.

Option 1 – Through your Bakery Digital Wallet there is a cart icon you can click on that will direct you to our website. This is linked to your account and you will select your reward during the check out process.

Option 2 – You will go to our website directly on your browser. Once you log in to your profile, during the check-out process, there will be a list of all the rewards that you are eligible for.

So head on into your local shop and start earning or redeeming today! See you soon! 👋🏼