Super Bowl Sunday – Infused Spinach Dip 🏈

Superbowlsundaydip the bakery regina

Super Bowl Sunday 🏈 or not, this infused Spinach dip recipe is one that not only tastes good, but is super easy to put together. It will have you feeling like a smooth criminal who spiked the dip. 👀

When your team is charging down the field hungry for a touchdown, you’ll be “charging” down the hall hungry for more or re-charging on the couch. Some times it’s better to kick the extra point and come away with something, rather than go for 2 and risk getting nothing but a bad trip.

Our Bud Julie with Kindred Canada shared her recipe with us to share with you! 🙌 We infused our canna-butter with Back Forty Wedding Pie 28g!