The First Store, The Numero Uno, The Inception, The OG

The OG, A New Chapter and Big Changes for The Bakery

What a wild trip it has been!

In the early days of cannabis legalization, our company, founded by a group of cannabis-loving friends from Regina, was fortunate enough to open Regina’s seventh cannabis store at 1306 Broad Street.

Our team worked our asses off, painting walls, moving furniture and entering inventory in a race to get our store open. That hard work paid off – we were proud to open Regina’s first non-license-lottery cannabis store in late 2020.

Success at this location, thanks to our amazing customers and staff, allowed us to open a second location at 4049 Albert Street – a unique community cannabis store that we are also very proud of, and home to our delivery service.

And now, we are thrilled to have secured another location in Rosemont! Our new spot, in Regina’s brand new Lewvan Crossing development, will open right next door to Pet Valu and Rosemont Hardware later this month. We cannot wait to meet new customers in the area and beyond.

We are stoked to say the least!

With that being said, we have made the very difficult decision to close our 1306 Broad Street store and re-locate to Rosemont. The last day of operations for our OG location will be October 8th. Between Covid, ever-changing government regulations and the addition of many (many) new cannabis stores in YQR, everyone in the legal cannabis industry has had to pivot, adapt and adjust, and The Bakery is no exception.

We put so much of ourselves into this store, and it was our first introduction of The Bakery to the people of Regina, so as you can imagine this was not an easy decision.

So, we’ll shed a few tears, pour one out and spark one up for our first store, the numero uno, the inception, the pioneer, the OG. But only for a moment – after all, we’ve got some new walls to paint.

Can’t wait to see you all at Lewvan Crossing!

The Bakery Cannabis Store: Opening Late October 2022.